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Our Story

Our love of candy began on the day we crawled into a giant cardboard box (as kids) and cut a hole in it to open our first candy store for the kids in our neighborhood. Since we lived in the country, our “supplier” was the lone convenience store in our area - 2 miles away. We used to fill our pockets full of loose change spend it all the store on candy, carrying back with us as many penny and nickle candies we could on the bike ride back home.

Our business began as a general store side project with us working part time jobs and selling rare library books, furniture, and grocery items. And upon looking for new meaning in our work, we rediscovered our love for old school vintage candy, and diverted all our efforts into rediscovering and branding ourselves in the candy business. Since then, we’ve enjoyed bringing people, friends, and families together and creating fun, meaningful experiences for everyone to enjoy.

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