Our love of candy began on the day we crawled into a giant cardboard box (as kids) and cut a hole in it to open our first "candy store" for the kids in our neighborhood. Since we lived in the country, our supplier was the lone convenience store in our area - 2 miles away. We used to fill our pockets full of loose change spend it all the store on candy, carrying back with us as many penny and nickel candies we could on the bike ride back home.

Since then, we’ve enjoyed bringing friends and families together by creating sweet, meaningful experiences for everyone to enjoy.  Vintage Candy is our brand, but our customers are the center of our universe, and we work hard every day to give you an experience that is worth talking about. 

We aim to delight you and deliver a rare moment of re-discovery that is both entertaining and fun to share with the most important people around you.

We hope you have a blast with a box of Vintage Candy.

May your best memories be ahead of you!

Thanks for visiting us!


Brock, Elena, Raia & The Vintage Candy Team!