Shipping policy

Shipping and transit time estimates are determined by shipping service and  standard handling times.   

Our standard handling times are as follows:

  • For orders received before 2:00 PM EST (Monday - Friday): Same Day Processing.*
  • For orders received after 2:00 PM EST (Monday - Friday):  Next Business Day Processing.*  
*We do not ship on Saturdays, Sundays, or Observed Federal Holidays.
*On occasion, we will choose a delivery option that minimizes actual transit time to your location.  This may mean that we ship an order on Monday instead of a Friday. The reason for this is some carriers stop moving packages over the weekend.
*Same Day Handling Cut-Off times are not flexible.   

Example #1:  You place an order on a normal Friday at 2:30 PM EST and your estimated shipping time is 3 days to the West Coast (US).  This order will be delivered to the carrier on the next available business day (Monday) during regular business hours.  From there you would count 3 business days - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.   This order should be delivered on the following Thursday. 

Example #2:  You place an order on a normal Monday at  1:01 PM CST and your estimated shipping time is 2 days to Chicago, IL. This order would ship on Tuesday since we received the order at 2:01 PM EST (+1 hr Timezone adjustment from CST to EST).  Remember we operate on Eastern Standard Time.   This order would be estimated to arrive on Thursday of the same week.

Example #3:  You place an order on a Wednesday at 11:00 AM EST and your estimated shipping time is 1 day to Charlotte, NC.  The next day, Thursday, is an observed federal holiday.  Since most carriers won't deliver on a Holiday, your order would get to you the next day, on Friday. It is still considered a 1 day ship time. 


Vintage Candy, LLC is located in Marietta, GA and operates in the EST time zone. We ship on business days only - Monday through Friday.  For orders falling on a weekend or observed Holiday, your order will ship on the following business day.